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The Wine Country Film Festival is an ode to enjoying the good things in life: good wine, exquisite food, and amazing films. The tradition of California´s wines is very long and goes back to the eighteenth century when Spanish missionaries planted the vineyards to make the red wine needed for mass and have been kept alive through entire generations.

Wine Production

90% of the country´s wine production comes from the State of California and it holds today more than 1,200 wineries of all sizes, from the smallest boutique shops to the biggest corporations who distribute to the whole country and the globe. The spirit of filmmakers along with those who cultivate grapes and produce wine are alike to the eyes


of the curators in the festival because a good meal can be even better with amazing wine but can be taken to the next level with a great film. That is exactly the spirit in which the festival was created and we think it should be spread as a message for upcoming generations, to take the wine experience into the future.

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The Future of Wine

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What will the future bring for the wine lovers? We don´t know, but the most important thing about an uncertain future is to forge it to be as we dream it to be, so it is a crucial role the one we have to play when it comes to fostering the wine culture to the youngsters.

The Wine Country Film Fest is a keystone to California´s wine culture and an event that should be a resource of precious information for those willing to continue the business but also the fine art of sommeliers who promote and refine the taste of the entire world. The accumulated knowledge that generations have put in the wine-making form a heritage that is priceless and has put California on the wine map of the world. If the State was a separate country, it would be the fourth biggest wine producer in the world at the present moment.

This blog was created to keep the spirit of the masters, involving the manual work and the exquisite taste alive for years to come. It is also a way to promote acceptance and erase the false boundaries created between art forms such as cuisine, filmmaking, vineyards, music and more.


Another key element is the contact with nature. Showing the movies in open spaces surrounded by nature and under the stars is quite an experience itself, but adding to it the most exquisite wines and food make it memorable.

California is the wine city for the United States but is also the Film Capital of the World, so why not to bring them together? We take it as an opportunity to bring both of them to world-class status and put California on the world map of wines along with Argentina, France, and many others.

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