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Help us keep the spirit of California wines alive. Help us break the barrier between the art forms that have been created in another time. Help us bring nature and arts closer than it has ever been before because the amazing landscapes California has to offer are just at the same status that the films, the wine, and the food are.

We believe that is exactly the case and want to show all attendees that California has more to offer than just amazing beaches and mind-blowing cultural scene, it is a complete experience in itself. The wine culture and the food scene have to go hand in hand with the best-known California business, which is the cinema one.

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    Wine Country Film Fest

    Wine + Film Convergence.

    California is the wine city for the United States but is also the Film Capital of the World

    Final Thoughts

    Contact us with your thoughts and ideas of what can be done to expand this and continue to grow this just-born scene that has a lot to learn from other businesses such as food and movies or even real estate.

    Don´t hesitate to let us know which are your thoughts about this show us what you think of this initiative!