Most Beautiful Wineries In Sonoma County

Most Beautiful Wineries In Sonoma County

Most Beautiful Wineries In Sonoma County

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  • On 11/01/2017

Sonoma County is very well-known for being a wine-city, but how can we go beyond the mesmerizing initial offer? Keep on reading and we will make it easier for you.


Wine City Here We Go!

The astonishing offer of more than 425 wineries available for visitors can be a little scary at least. There are all kinds of experiences: from poolside pouring to historical places to food pairings and they are all awesome, but where do we start? It can be frustrating and might take us to give up before we even start. Don´t be afraid, here are the top places to go visit and have an amazing experience getting to know the wine culture in California from the inside.


Kunde Family Winery

This centennial company has been in the Kunde family since 1904 when they commenced farming their own land, the whole 1,850 acres of it and plant vineyard grapes. Nowadays, the family produces a varied offer of wines and grows many different grape types across the whole estate. Some wines are distributed nationally, but many, and here´s the glorious advice, are exclusive to their very own tasting room. We recommend the top-of-the-mountain tasting because it is simply mind-blowing and takes place 1,400 meters above sea level. It takes about two hours and starts deep in the wine caves, where the smell is unbelievably tasty, followed by a trip to the mountaintop where the vineyards were planted by ancestors in 1882. To wrap it up, the tasting involves small production wines on a deck overlooking the whole plantation. It is an unforgettable moment that will stick in your memory for years to come.


Lynmar Estate

This is a paradise for eco-friendly tourists who want to enjoy nature at its purest and still taste the most amazing Pinot Noir in their lives. It is a trendy place called patio and uses all ingredients organically grown in their own farm. The three-course meal offered from exclusively locally-sourced ingredients is absolutely delicious and unbelievably fresh. The terraces are a story to be told on their own because of the view of the Quail Hill Vineyard and if you pair it with an amazing glass of their own-grown Chardonnay while the sun goes down and the summer breeze starts blowing it is definitely something to write home about.


Buena Vista Winery

The oldest commercial winery in the State of California was founded in 1858 by the Count Harazthy. The property was built in the nineteenth century and it was having a rough time but it was completely renovated in 2012 to be in its best shape ever. The estate and the factory were brought to the twenty-first century and produce wine on-site in their original Champagne Cellars, the Count enjoyed so much in its life. The property is a must-see but if you care about history and the story of wine-making, you should go to the Wine Tool Museum. The JCB Bubble Lounge where the French sparkling wine that Buena Vista Winery produces is for all those bubble lovers. The tradition says you have to say hello to the Count while you are there, so do not forget!


Round Pond Estate

Are you a home-cook? Well, this is going to be your next favorite place on earth. Along with delicious Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, they manufacture their own-made extra-virgin olive oil, citrus syrup and red wine vinegar along with other products for foodies. The food pairing is crucial to their wine-tasting and is something from another planet but it is all grown and manufactured on-site. The terraces are awesome and if you go on the first Friday of every month, you can take the sunset with a bottle. It is an awesome place where to enjoy food, wine, and nature at its best.


Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Yes, as you already imagined, it is owned by the world-famous filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola and his wife, Eleanor. It features real memorabilia from most of his famous movies, like the astonishing Don Corleone´s desk from the movie The Godfather. Besides the named objects, the winery offers a magnificent pool to take a dip after the wine tasting. The complete experience includes two restaurants, varied activities for children and a game area, but chances are you will be admiring or jumping into the original Tucker car.



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